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Colours and Highlights
Does colour damage our hair?
Colour does not damage hair as long as it’s not done so frequent and the peroxide being used is not so high, it is very important that the estimate time left in the hair is depending on what the brand says ,meaning , that the colour is not left any more or any less that is supposed to. Toners are semi permanent colours which are done with a lower peroxide but will wash away quicker , these are best done on hair which does not have any grey or white hair because toners do not cover white hair.

How often should we colour our hair?
Everyone is different , it all depends on the hair growth of the hair, some clients last 4 weeks other prefer to stay longer. Everyone’s hair texture is different so important to keep in mind to choose a hair colour which is convenient for you.

Should i do colour or highlights?
If you have a great base hair tone, you're better off with highlights. You don't want to mess with nature; what you want to do is enhance it. If your base color washes out your skin tone consider single-process color. Highlights look best when the stylist uses at least two different shades. Ask for more around your face, they can brighten your complexion.

With highlights, your colorist should be using more than one color, not just bleach. Great highlights should be layered to produce tonal variations. There should be lights, mediums and darks to create depth and translucence in the hair. If you have a lot of white hair both can be used , a base colour to cover the white hair and highlights to achieve the contrast in your hair. Bleach is used to lighten the base color, it is important to keep in mind that highlights need maintanance so important to have good hair products so your hair will remain beautiful on the outside as well within.

Toner €10.00
Hair Line (re-touch) €10.00
Colour Roots
Colour Roots with Ammonia FREE 
Colour Full Head (1 tube)
Colour Full Head with Ammonia FREE
(1 tube)
Colour Full Head (2 tubes)
Colour Full Head with Ammonia FREE 
(2 tube) 
Highlights Cap Crown €20.00
Highlights Cap Half Head €25.00
Highlights Cap Full Head €30.00
Highlights Foil Short Crown €20.00
Highlights Foil Long Crown €25.00
Highlights Foil Short Half Head €30.00
Highlights Foil Short Full Head €35.00
Highlights Foil Roots Half Head €35.00
Highlights Foil Long Half Head €40.00
Highlights Foil Roots Full Head €45.00
Highlights Foil Long Full Head €50.00