HD Brows
Now, thanks to a unique seven-step brow-shaping treatment, you can have the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows. From Hollyoaks to Hollywood, celebrities understand how important your brow shape is to your face... and that’s why they’re turning to HD Brows. HD Brows not only puts celebrity beauty within your reach, it is also very affordable.
Eye Lash Extensions

What are Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

They come in individual strands which are added to your existing eyelashes for a fuller ,complete look. Unlike other false eyelashes, our hungarian lashes are weightless, feel and look completely natural. The lashes extend existing eyelashes in both length and thickness to give a brilliant new look. 

Do They Cause any damage? 
All  products used are of the highest quality, ensuring a safe application  with the length and thickness of your desire with no cause of damage.

After-care requirements

As we lose some natural eyelashes every day, there is always  a need for a refill treatment ,to keep your lashes looking full and beautiful.Lashes usually last between 6 to 8 weeks but the more  you keep the cycle treatment  ,the more lashes can be lost ,that is why we recommend a cycle treatment of between 2 to 3 weeks.


Eyelashes Fullset  -  €50.00
Eyelashes Refill 45 min - €30.00
Eyelashes Refill 30 min - €20.00
Eyelashes Refill 1hr - €35.00
Eyelashes Removal - €10.00
Swarovski Eyelashes - €5.00 each
Eyelashes with extra volume - €10.00