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Does blow drying damage my hair?

This procedure does not damage the hair as long as the person doing knows what they are doing. Curls , straight and waves are all different ways you can do a blowdry. Rollers can also be done after a blowdry to achieve a long lasting look. It is very important that no direct heat is done to the hair as that will definetly damage your hair ,hot irons or tongs do damage the hair as direct heat is done in the procedure but unfortunately some still prefare to use these extra tools, styling products do help so that’s why you should always use a form of protection before you start drying.I do emphasize in using good products as it’s the most important things to maintain beautiful healthy hair. Do not just buy any old product from off the shelf, ask your stylist to recommend products for YOU.

Straightener (after blow dry) €5.00
Blow Dry (very short hair) €8.00
Twist-Rollers €5.00
Clipons Hair Extensions €5.00
Blow Dry  Mid length
Blow Dry Long 
Blow Dry with Steam Pod 
Blow Dry with Curls