We offer the best in creative hairstyling suiting each client's individual face, personality and lifestyle. Specialising in hair cuts, blowdries, highlights, creative colourings, upstyles and various more! .We welcome you to relax, unwind and enjoy our wide range of hair treatments in our friendly and professional environment.

How many times do we need to trim our hair?
There is no exact number of how many times one should cut their hair it all depends on the texture of the hair, for example if the hair is dry and colour treated one should at least cut their hair every 3 months this is due to avoid dryness and avoid split ends.

If one’s hair is natural (virgin hair) and alot of blowdries are done there is still the need to cut it every so often as blowdries even though are done properly still some damage will occur because of the direct heat given to the hair. It is very important to use good products ex; shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products as it will give the hair more moisture and will cause less damage and this will help not to dry the hair. A intensive treatment is a must to be done as this will help to avoid split ends, if you do not have time to visit a hair salon you can do a treatment at the comfort of your own home, just remember the good products are the key to having healthy and split ends free hair.

How should I cut my hair?
The answer behind this question is to consider your hair type and facial features when deciding on a hairstyle. But don't forget another crucial factor: your face shape. Choosing a hairstyle that flatters and compliments you from all angles. A person’s age and lifestyle is also important . So the best way to decide this is by talking with your hair stylist and together coming to the conclusion of what best suits you. 

Shaved Hair 5.00
Trim (men) €6.00
Trim (women)< 10.00
Styling Cut (men)
Styling Cut (women)