We offer the best in creative hairstyling suiting each client's individual face, personality and lifestyle. Specialising in hair cuts, blowdries, highlights, creative colourings, upstyles and various more! .We welcome you to relax, unwind and enjoy our wide range of hair treatments in our friendly and professional environment.
Hair treatments (reconstructors ) are done to make the hair stronger and are generally protein based. These are for you if you have chemically damaged hair (i.e. from a perm or colour) or breaking or weak hair.

They are often a combination of protein and moisture as pure protein treatments used incorrectly can leave the hair brittle. After using this type of treatment don’t expect your hair to feel great as they work internally and you may still need a conditioner to make your hair feel smooth. They are most often found at the salon and used during chemical processes. Don’t use protein based treatments within a week either side of a colour as they can cause colour to fade or not ‘take’ properly in some instances.

Moisturisers the most common type of treatment, balance the moisture content of the cortex (middle of your hair). Great for dry hair and those of you with curly hair that lacks bounce. It is very important to maintain treatments with good home products, furthermore to achieve beautiful hair you should at least do a professional salon treatment at least once every 6 weeks.
We take care of our clients needs. We use brands that helps maintain shine and healthy looking hair. Our treatment brands are changed every 6 months so that the hair cuticles don’t get used to the product. No matter the brand we always focus on the shine for your hair. 
Normal Treatment (focuses on hair shine) - €10.00 
Intensive Treatment (focuses on the hair cuticle) - €25.00 
Hair Loss Treatment starting from -€25 ( Depending on result of the Scalp Analysis ).
The Scalp Analysis is a type of microscopic camera which zooms in 400 times more than a persons eyesight.It indicates any scalp conditions from Hair loss ,Alopecia ,Dry scalp ,Oily scalp & Ingrown Hair . With every Scalp Treatment booked the Scalp Analysis will be FREE.