Eye Lash Services
Lash Lift

What are the lash lift lashes exactly?

Like old-school perms from the '80s, a lash lift sets the shape of your natural lashes using a treatment.It realigns the hair structure and confirms it to the shape of the bumper or rod that’s being used.We use a solution to restructure the hair and then neutralize it into place. 

Is preparation necessary before your appointment?

You’ll arrive at your appointment with clean skin and eyes free of makeup. 

How will you look after? 

A lash lift can change the look of your eyes to appear wider, more open and lashes curled to your desired curl pattern.It frames your face and eyes giving you a youthful, as we call it ‘smiling eyes’ appearance.Typically these results will last 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the difference between lash lifting and extensions?

If you are wanting something more natural, you want a lash lift, because we are working with the lashes you have and just enhancing them.