Welcome to Beauty Team Clinic ''Your well being is our concern'' Beauty Team Clinic is very well dedicated to promote health, well being as well as non surgical enhancement and anti-aging.We are equipped with the latest technology Spa Capsule specially tailored for muscle pain relief having the effect of physio therapy and therapeutic treatment. Our facility offers friendly, cost effective treatments,quality products, and believing in hard work to great results.
Beauty Team has teamed up with Christine Busuttil a qualified Nutrition Therapist with a BSc from the University of West London, a member of the British Association of Nutrition Therapists (BANT) and is registered with the voluntary regulatory body, the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).
Christine is qualified to help you achieve  weight loss goals ,digestive wellness,manage diabetes,cholesterol, high blood pressure, boost energy along with a number of other conditions .
As a nutritional therapist Christine provides expert advice that enables you to make lifestyle changes and consume the foods and nutrients required to help you optimize  your metabolism and promote well being and quality of life .She uses a careful ,detailed assessment to define the unique needs of those who seek nutritional guidance.

Each client  receives a one on one consultation and a personalized food plan .To view our nutrition sessions and weight loss packages refer to our Slimming and Body Treatments .


Beauty Team not only targets  to have the best figure, but also targets a suitable weight loss and caters to each and every health circumstance as mentioned below to live a better and healthy life style.

Allergies  High Blood Pressure
Digestive & Bowel Disorders Cholesterol
Hormonal Imbalances Blood Sugar Irregularities 
Stress  Hypothyroidism 
Autoimmune conditions Hyperthyroidism
Migraines Diverticulitis
Skin Disorders Fatigue/Energy
Learning & Behavioral Difficulties Fibromyalgia  
Female Health Conditions     Pregnancy & Birth  
Skin Complaints Bone Disorders  
Eating Disorders    
  • 1 Nutrition session   - €25
  • 6 Nutrition sessions -  €138

  • 6 Nutrition sessions + 10 Slimming Treatments  - €260
(2 FREE Slimming Treatments )

  • 6 Nutrition sessions + 20 Slimming Treatments - €360 
(FREE Mini Facial  /FREE Intensive Hair Treatment / FREE 1 Slimming Treatment) 
You can refer to Slimming & Body Treatments for more info and prices .
 If you suffer from any of the below , you could have a Food Intolerance Test.
(IBS ,Bloating ,Digestive Problems ,Migraine,Headaches ,Joint Pain ,Itchy Skin ,Eczema ,Fatigue ,Low Mood). 
  • 100 Food Items  - € 235
  • 150 Food Items - €285
  • 150 Food Items +IBS Support - €350
  • 200+ Food Items - €350
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