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Teeth Whitening
A Brighter, Whiter Smile in just 1 hour! 

Why would I need to whiten my teeth?

Just as we all have different hair/skin colour people often have different teeth colour. Surface stains are caused by natural ageing ,use of tobacco ,coffee, tea, red wine, and pigmented food.

 Why should I whiten my teeth?

To boost confidence and self esteem, to give you a more youthful appearance, to attend a special event and also to make a positive first impression.

 The process

Your existing shade will be agreed by yourself and the consultant. A gum barrier is then applied to your teeth to protect your gums. The treatment then begins, products are applied directly onto your teeth. The LED light is placed close to your teeth to activate the product to gently release built up stains. In just 1 hour the treatment is complete and your new colour is achieved. We then compare your new shade to your existing shade to determine what colour has been achieved.


You will then receive after care notes.

All products are EU approved and FDA regulated and follow strict standards.

Price: € 190