Regardless of your age or gender, if you want your skin to look its best you have to take care of it. A facial does for your skin what a month of exercise and good nutrition does for your body – noticeably improve its look and feel. Through exfoliation, deep-cleaning of the pores, stimulating improved circulation, and use of professional-strength products, your esthetician can make a lot of progress towards improving your skin in a single session. Like the personal trainer, she has experience, techniques, products and equipment that cannot be replicated at home.
Perfection White Expertise
Pigmentation regulating treatment.
A threefold action for a brown spot- free skin and sheer whiteness.
Genetic re- programming – pigment regulation through an inhibiting effect on tyrosinase and direct performance on the melanocyte nucieus – protecting action.

Treefold action lightening professional treatment: Genetic action - Depigmentation action - Protective action. Genetic reprogramming - Direct action on the melanocyte nucieus- inactivation of tyrosinase. Reduction in melanin synthesis.
Type: Whitening
Duration: 90 minutes
Price: €70.00