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Remedial Reluctant Reader Course

Remedial Reluctant Reader Course 

Is your child a reluctant reader?

Do you have no time to read to your child?

Do you want your child to succeed in life?

Does your child hate reading?

Do you need some help in reading?


What does it include ?


Rita Antoinette Borg helps all her clients especially children to read slowly and recognize words as they read together. There is no rush in class. The child, or adult, is taken through a story that is interesting and for the reading age group he/she is in; not necessarily the age group he/she is in school. We take it slow and paced; the child’s own pace.


What happens in one session?


The first half hour or so, we name the alphabet and learn how to recognize sounds. First, we do the vowels a, e, i,o,u; then, the consonants(the rest of the alphabet) The last half hour is reading stories from books everyone loves to hear. WE WANT YOUR CHILD TO HAVE FUN READING!!


Reading should not be a chore. Rita also gives the service of teaching to the parent on how to tell a story in an imaginative and fun way and helps your child want to read more.


What can you do?

Give your child, and even yourself, the chance to learn to read.

Try the course. It is just for one hour or all the days you need.


The course is one on one with your child and you sitting next to him/her.You get to learn how to make important bonding time with your child. Time to create memories your child will never forget. When your child grows up let him shout out to everyone that my Mommy read to me or helped me love books.


Do you have any questions?


Rita Antoinette Borg will be at Beauty Team ready to help your child, or yourself, to read fluently and with confidence. 

Price: €13 per hour .