About Us
Antonella Vella is a true believer of beauty and art and these are synonymous with Beauty Team. Antonella Vella opened her own salon and has stabilized her business in the beauty industry since 2003. She always believes it gives her the pride and passion to achieve excellence in the services she and her team offers.
Roby Nails Malta
Roby Nails is a leading American gel system which are designed to satisfy the different needs of every nail professional providing the best possible set of nails any client would dream of. The innovative proprietary formula, exclusively developed by Roby Nails laboratories, respects the natural nails and ensures extra brightness with long lasting results. Thanks to its experience and advanced technological research, Roby Nails have a leading position both in Italy and in Europe.

This amazing brand provides anything from kits, gel systems, gel color, nail polishes , nail files ,accessories, nail tips, hand care and a vast range of nail art collection including crystals, 3d stickers and rhinestones and much more.

Antonella Vella has been using this amazing brand on her cliental for 10, she is also distributer in malta and internetional trainer. So do not hesitate to call and ask for more information about our brand, Antonella will be willing to answer any questions either - if you are interested in having your own nails done or are looking for a career in the nail industry or a qualified nail technician that would like to change your product to Roby Nails.